Tuesday, February 26, 2008

On Becoming Baby Wise - Book Review

This book is on the controversial side because it is very one-sided. It is pretty much against "attachment parenting," where the baby dictates her eating/sleeping schedule, and is a proponent of "parent-directed" feeding and scheduling. I really believe that certain things work for some parents and babies and not for others. This worked for us, but I still suggest reading other books as well and not being so strict on one method. I initially was doing the attachment parenting style, comforting and feeding my baby whenever she seemed to need it, but the only problem is that our days had no structure or schedule to them. I personally don't do well with having no schedule and needed a more predictable day. The biggest problem was that my baby could not fall asleep on her own--I had to nurse her so she could sleep and everytime she woke up in the middle of the night, I had to nurse her to go back to sleep. I have found this book to be helpful because it promotes full feedings and teaches you how to train your baby to sleep on her own. It does involve letting your baby cry herself to sleep, but I've learned from the book and other reading and my doctor that this is normal. It's normal for babies to get fussy and cry before they can settle themselves into sleep. Ever since I tried the babywise schedule of eat, play and then sleep, my baby has been sleeping really well at naps and night. It's hard at first, but totally worth it and I plan to start it even earlier with the next child we have. And our baby is as happy as can be!

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